The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 7

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Part 7

A few months passed before I was fully on my feet again. I know what I have to do, but there is a problem. These blades that are my arm are terrible.  They rip and tear at me. I get upset with every little thing that goes wrong.

The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 6

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Part 6

"The Shape of a Turtle" Chapter 5

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Part 5

I sit looking down, feeling the pain of losing my brothers and wondering if it’s going to be this way from now on. Am I going to be trapped here to never see my brothers again besides fighting them. Shredder comes into my room and looks at me.

"The Shape of a Turtle" Chapter 4

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Part 4

As time went by, Terror eventually did come to my room to see why I never left it. At this time, I was use to the room and treated it like a cage. I knew if I left Terror would put me to work doing evil and that was one thing I could never do.

The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 3

Part 3

This night everything seems so dark.

I go to look outside, past the bars on the windows. I want to go home. But I know before I can do that, I have to take these bad guys out and from what I saw, I’m on my own. My brothers and Splinter have no idea where I am.

"The Shape of A Turtle" Chapter 2

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Part 2

The pain from the blades were something that I didn't know about and I wasn't going to take time to think about it right now. I have to save these people from the Ws, even though at this time I am a W.

The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 1

Welcome to one of the fanfics that I have written for the TMNT mailing list last year. This story is told from the eyes of Leonardo, and has some of my own characters, in fact a lot of the characters in the W's and the four Shapers are my own characters. Hope you enjoy the story. A part from the story will come up each week.


Intro to "The Shape of a Turtle"

Hey everyone, coming soon to Cowabunga Corner is a fanfic I wrote back when I was still in High School, 1996 through 1997. I mainly wrote this throughout the day at school and copying it onto the computer when I got home. What gave me the idea of doing this story was making a fanfic that would crossover with some characters that I created back in 1991, "The Shapers".

Raphael... Death?

This is a Fanfic that I wrote back in the 1999.  Hope everyone enjoys.

Raphael...  Death?

Michaelangelo jumps down and looks up at a Pizza place.   This must be the place.   He thought to himself, as he looks around.   So, where is he?   Michaelangelo, pulls a long coat and hat over himself, covering his looks, as he stands outside.   The dark sky  covers the city like a blanket as the light reflecting from the city hides the millions of stars that could be out that night.   The full moon makes him think of the horror movie he just got done watching.

Michaelangelo takes one more look at a watch hidden in his pocket.  Oh man, he's late. He walks into the building, looking up at the new signs, and the smell of the fresh pizza.   I can't believe he's late.  Michaelangelo goes over and takes a seat.

"Hey, what would you like today?"