Comic Con International 2015 Metal Mutant Leonardo

Comic Con International is coming up!  And of course the news of the great things are starting to come out for fans all around the world.  We’re seeing different Ninja Turtles exclusive starting to come out into the open that fans can look for while at the convention.  From keychains to toys from Loyal Subject.  The must have item coming out this year is from Playmates Toys as they’re releasing the 11” Metal Mutant Leo Figure for 2015 Comic Con International!

What makes this toy so cool and the hottest item for fans to collect?  This is based on an upcoming story in the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.  It is the first way anyone can own a toy taken from that story line, which as a full line coming out to stores later this year.  It’s got the cool shiny gear on the figure instead of the normal plastic.  Something that will look amazing in any Ninja Turtle Collection!

11" Metal Mutant Leo Figure 2015 Comic Con

Nickelodeon will be releasing an exclusive Comic-Con Teenage Mutant Ninja figure by Master Toy Licensee Playmates Toys. The TMNT 11” Metal Mutants Leonardo figure will be available in a limited production run, available only at the Nickelodeon Comic Con booth.

This deluxe 11” Leo figure is decked out with enough metal to take on the toughest space villain that dares to threaten earth!

·         Leo comes with his signature Katana swords, designed with exclusive translucent blue blades

·         Distinctive silver and blue vacuum metalized space gear, from head to toe

·         Leo’s space gear consists of an oxygen converter, an alien decryption translator, and pulse boots

·         Space gear is completely removable

·         Fully articulated figure

·         Comes packed out in an oversized blister package, secured in a second resealable box

What will the price point be – since people are working on budgets for the show? $50

Playmates Toys has been  doing an amazing Ninja Turtle exclusive for San Diego Comic Con International every year since 2012.  This is our second Leonardo based on the Nickelodeon TMNT series.  The first one came out in 2012.  In 2013 we got a very cool Shredder with the shiny armor and in 2014 we got a black and white Raphael based on the Mirage Comic Books.  All of these has been amazing and a real eye catcher for TMNT fans.  This is an item that you do not want to miss out on!

Learn more and even see a video clip of the 11” Metal Mutant Leo Figure at the TMNT Play Facebook page!  Remember to follow TMNT Play on Twitter and Instagram for up to date Playmates Toys information about their Ninja Turtle toy lines!

I know I look forward to adding this amazing toy to my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection!  Are you planning to do so?  Please share your thoughts and comments below!

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