Cowabunga Corner Instagram 2018 Road Trip


Cowabunga Corner has been kind of slow for a few years as my life has been taking me on one ride after another.  I have big plans for the website, the videos and everything to get things rolling as we once were.  Though this will not happen until my house that we are working on is done and I can focus on the new changes that are in the works for Cowabunga Corner.  In the meantime I keep active on both Facebook and Instagram to let everyone know we’re alright.  And when I do my yearly San Diego Comic Con International Road Trip, Instagram becomes my playground.  This story is about the Cowabunga Corner Road Trip Instagram adventures. 

In 2014 I started to do across country photos with the movie Turtle toys by Playmates Toys.  Since that road trip I find that taking pictures of toys is a lot more fun than doing photos of myself.  Making each road trip a different adventure with fun photos that become a challenge to take.  But it helps keep the spirit of TMNT on my instagram and makes up for all the time I’m quiet on that account.  This year is a little different.  Instead of focusing on only one set of Turtles, I have brought with me a ton of sets of Turtles.

The road trip starts off only following NECA’s Classic TMNT toys that came out in 2017 at San Diego Comic Con and the two giant NECA movie Michaelangelo and Donatello.  As I plotted the trip to have the Turtles meet up at San Diego, knowing I was going after the four set of the smaller Movie NECA Turtles when there.  Then I decided to grab more Turtles that would also join the story in San Diego.  Joining the story we have the Mirage Turtles, 4Kids TMNT, Nickelodeon TMNT, 2014 Movie Turtles and the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (which was also bought at San Diego Comic Con). 

My plan was originally to wrap up the story when I returned to Michigan after this long road trip.  The plans changed as I thought about it more, this story arch will go on till the weekend of New York City Comic Con.  As we will be in NYC and I can think of a lot of great photo opts for these toys to be a part of.  Making it so we still have around two months of story to create and share with everyone. 

The pictures can be of the Turtles enjoying a scenic area, going out to eat, putting gas in the car, or checking out a landmark.  There could be scenes with the two Foot Clans are fighting on this trip of chasing the Turtles down.  Which leads to big fight scenes.  Which will include more than one set of Turtles per a fight, taking down Foot Soldiers and Foot bots.  These are funs photos that are using a lot of force focused to make the Turtles look life size.

Instagram does not only follow the TMNT story arch, as I do group shot photos, guest photos and photos from my life as well.  Trying to do a photo a day at least, sometimes we run behind but other days we’ve gotten 3 or more pictures up to move the story forward.  If you’re curious where the story is going, just follow

Do you have an instagram account?  What do you use your instagram account for?  Ever told stories with toys?  What was your story about?  Please share comments and questions below! 

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