FanFic: The Day Raph Saw the Light

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan fiction. This is often one of the things that fans rely on when we get very little coming out for the Ninja Turtles. Back in the late 1990s, I would read and write TMNT fanfics. Though shortly after the 4Kids series aired in 2003, more TMNT fans appeared online and it became very, very hard for me to keep up with the different fanfics online. I would like to share a few of these fanfics here on Cowabunga Corner. I'm going to start off with one of my shortest TMNT fanfics. It's been updated with my improved writing skills and my editor. This story is all told by Raphael's point of view and if I lined up my stories in a timeline, this would be one of the later ones.

Day Raph Saw the Light
Written in 1999, updated 2012


“Raph, wake up! You're okay! Come on, wake up!” I jolt awake, my eyes out of focus, though I can still make out Donatello standing over me. “You were having a nightmare again. But come on, it's time. We have stuff to do.”

I blink at Donatello, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Don moves back, turning and leaving me as I grab my face mask from the nightstand. My heart is still racing inside my chest. I hate having these nightmares, but I know they'll never stop.

“Don, I think we should move again. Staying in this building isn't doing us any good.” I slip on my mask as I catch up to Don.

“Raph, this is the only town in the past week where they have left us alone. We're staying here until we have to move. In the meantime, I need to get Chet working. If I can get it working, we'll be able to win this fight.” He sits down to a half-built computer, Chet.

“Come on, Donatello, we can't stay hiding in this building! Those things are looking for us and are killing millions of people while looking! Look at this city! The streets are empty, the buildings are falling apart and there's no one.” I glance out the window, looking at the Chicago skyline, or what's left of it.

“That's why we have to stay here, Raph! We're not putting anyone in danger if we can hold our fight here. “ He's right. No one would be in danger if we stay here, but I know we can't stay here for much longer. They won't let us.

I turn on a radio Don rigged up for us with its boosted antenna. Though there was still only one channel that was strong enough for it reach and that was still active. A Michigan station, Oldies 104.3. “Today, the news still grows darker. It seems the only areas that still truly exist are Detroit, Los Angeles, and most of Florida. After decimating most of the United States, the creatures we refer to as the Grays have moved on to other parts of the world. Just recently, the Grays have destroyed England and surrounding countries. There is not much hope left in this world, the human race may not survive to see a new year.” I flick the radio off. More bad news. There's no such thing as good news in this world anymore.

“You know what, Don. I hate the movie Independence Day.” Donatello turns to me and gives me a half smile, but full of despair. I walk off, further into the abandoned building we have called home this week. Hiding away from these Grays, it's driving me crazy. This whole damn world is driving me crazy.

I come into our makeshift living room. We keep our weapons stashed in here, ready and waiting for an attack. Though one set of weapons always stands out to me, always hauntingly calling my name out. I kneel down and pick up Michaelangelo's nunchucks, holding them tight into my hands. It's been three months since Mikey's been gone. Three long, cold months that wouldn't have been if I had kept my big fat mouth shut.

Closing my eyes, I can still see his that tooth smile that use to annoy me, but also calm me. A part of me died along with him that day. I shouldn't have tried to go over Leo's orders, but that's what I did back then. And it was Mike that paid the price.

The building suddenly shakes. The windows shatter inwards from the force of the bomb. That explosion is close, too close. Donnie....

I jet down the hallway back towards Don. I can hear him swearing slightly. Running into his work room, he's okay and still working at Chet.

“They found us!”

“Raph, you have to lead them away from here. Chet isn't working yet. I need more time!”

Lead them away? Is he nuts? Did a brick conk him on the head? “I can't lead them away, they'll kill me!”

“I need more time, Raph, and you're the only one who can help me now. Please. If I can get Chet working, we'll be able to take out the Grays and save what's left of the humans. Please, Raph, work with me on this.”

He stares at me with those determined, sad eyes. He's right, I am all he has left. “Okay, but I still think we should just run away from this fight. This is suicide.”

I leave him before he can argue me on that. My heart is racing again as I run down into a tunnel underground. Got to avoid going topside for as long as possible. It isn't long before I have to emerge into a parking lot. We parked the turtle van in a mix of old, trashed cars, concealing it the best we could.

Jumping in the van, I look up and see an alien ship gliding by overhead. It's one of the Grays' ships. Years ago, they came to the planet, but the good old government didn't want to tell anyone. It was just like that movie Independence Day. Only difference was, the Grays didn't come here to take over the planet, they came here for us Turtles. They took Leonardo two weeks ago, and before that, they killed Michaelangelo.

I turn the key in the ignition, revving the van. This is suicide. This is it for me. God, if there is one, let Donnie end this crap.

I hit some buttons on the dash of the van and hear the roof of the van spread open as the guns Don installed lift above the van. Taking a deep breath, I use the dash controls and open fire on the ship and floor the pedal, peeling out of the parking lot.

It didn't take long for the ship to take notice of me. Their ship turns in the sky. And so begins the chase.

Swerving and avoiding the abandoned cars along the streets make this hard on getting away from these guys. But I got to lead them away from Don as far as I can.

Booming overhead, I see two U.S. Air Force jets fly over, firing their own weapons at the Grays' ship. Idiots.

I grab the C.B. Radio, with its frequency attuned to the military's radio signals. “Are you guys nuts? Shooting at that thing is suicide!”

“Hey mister, we're saving your butt down there, so don't complain! And how'd you get this frequency, this is for the United States Air Force only!”

I might as well take advantage of their help. I turn the van down a side street, out of the sight of the Grays' ship. “Okay, sure, help, but as soon as I'm safe, you guys need to get the hell out of here!”

“We don't take orders from civilians, mister.”

“These things are after me, and if they lose me because of you guys, they're going to take their revenge out on you!”

“Mister, we have to take this ship down. We're not just here for you, you---” Their signal goes dead and I see a flash of fire through the sky. They're gone and it's partially my fault. They were trying to help, and if us turtles weren't around, never lived, this wouldn't be happening to the world now.

Now isn't the time to wallow in guilt. That ship is still too close to the building Don's in. I have got to really lead them away from here.

I put the van into park, getting out. This street is fairly clear. Using my belt, I do what I can to secure the steering wheel. I scour the street and grab up a brick from a crumbling building. Placing it on the gas pedal, the van revs violently.

It's been an adventure, old gal. I take a breath, looking at the van one last time.

I smash my hand into the horn. It echoes through the street, loud enough for the Grays to hear as I start to see their ship coming around to this street. I throw the van quickly into drive and jump away as it speeds down the street. I jump into an alley, hiding as the Grays' ship begins to follow the van.

That's not going to distract them long. We have to get out of this city. They know we're here and they're not going to stop looking until they find us. Once the ship passes over head, I make my way back to Don.

He's still working at that computer when I reach him. “Look, Don. Get your computer and lets head east as soon as we can.”

Don sighs, standing up. “You're right. We need to move again.” He's looking defeated again. His whole body is showing the stress and depression. “If only we were never captured by the government. The Grays never would have learned about us. We'd all be safe like before.” He starts to disassemble Chet and I help him pack the computer to a car we “borrowed” when the first bombs started to hit Chicago.

“Donnie, what happened with you and the Grays? You never want to talk about it. Do you know why they want us so much? Do you know if they're hurting Leo? Is he going to be okay?”

“Raph, I can't say what happened that night because I don't remember. I just know that when I woke up, I saw a bunch of Grays standing over me. You guys were nowhere in sight. I just know I was at Area 51.”

“I know. That's what you've told us before, but surely you remember something else. Something had to have happened. How did the government even get a hold of us and why were we there? And why in the world did they put you in the room with the Grays to begin with?”

“I don't know. None of us will ever know the answer to those questions.”

I concede to that answer. He's right. How will we ever know. The only ones who were there are dead, were unconscious at the time or the enemy.

We get into the car and start driving east. It's a long, quiet drive. Along the way, we have to pull off the main roads just to avoid the stopped cars with people lying dead inside their cars.

Then we see the next city skyline. Detroit.

Going into the city, you can still see there's people here. Mostly homeless people, with very few buildings left standing. But there's still people here. It gives me a twinge of hope seeing there's still a chance for the humans to survive this disaster.

“We should hide right outside of Detroit. In a less populated area. Lets go to the first town north of here.” It's the first words Don spoke in the last few hours.

“Okay, Don.”

We drive further north. Don is directing me through the area, first having me turn down some road labeled “8 Mile” and then down “Woodward”. I hope that map he's reading gets us somewhere safe.

“Raph, I want you to pull over to 9 Mile Road. We'll go into a building near there. From what I've read, there should be a police station this way. We can hide out near there.”

“What town is this?”

“This is Ferndale.” We go to a building that's falling apart right at 9 Mile and Woodward, and go up to the door. I see an old faded sign that use to say Beepers.

I help Don carry Chet up the stairs in to this dark building. While he's working at assembling Chet, I lay out our weapons in the middle of the floor. I made sure to grab all of them before leaving Chicago. “Raphael, I saw a karate school just south of here on Woodward. It was a yellow building. That place might have some weapons that could help us. Go down there and try to get us some more weapons.”

That takes me a bit by surprise. “Oh, great, we're fighting the Grays and you want me to grab some ninja weapons. How in the world are we to use those kinds of weapons against UFOs?”

“Raph, just do it!”

My blood starts to boil a little. “Okay, but man, do I miss Leo. He had better plans than this.” I walk out of the building, a hat pulled down over my face and my trench coat tightly closed around my body. I probably shouldn't have snapped, but this just seems like a dumb idea.

Outside, I see the people sitting around on the brick sidewalks, some of them looking half starved and others were just dying right there on the street. This is a city filled with illness and death.

I found the building less than a fourth of a mile from our hiding spot. The building looked like it was used, but not too much.

“Hello?” I say, going in through one of the broken doors on the building. To my surprise, I see a guy sitting at a desk.

“Hello, may I help you?”The guy looks up towards me.

“Yes, I need weapons. Sais, bo staffs, swords. You name it, I need it.”

“And you're wanting to sign up for classes for these weapons?”

“No, I just need the weapons.”

A shorter man walks into the room, wearing a black gi. “Ah, to get weapons, you must know karate and we teach it here.”

“Listen, I know karate. I don't need any classes. I just need to save the world and I don't need to take my time getting the weapons. Now, do you or do you not have weapons in this rundown school?”

“Ah, you say you have taken karate, but how good are you?” The short guy said.

“You want to see how good I am? Then I'll show you just how good I am.” Even though I know I don't have time for this nonsense, I jump onto the training floor. Seems I still can't pass up a challenge to my skills.

The short guy walks onto the mat, bowing to me. This seems to be a classic type of sparring match. It may be classic, but it doesn't last long. Within a mere five seconds, I've taken this guy down and he calls for defeat. This guy is a black belt?

“We'll sell you the weapons!” I don't think this guy has ever been taken down so fast in his life. He's shaken.

I buy a few weapons from them, though they keep trying to sell me karate lessons. Seriously?

When I leave, I see one of the Grays' ships over the city. They followed us. I can't believe they followed us all the way here. I look around and run down a side street, heading east. I knew if I turned north, I would lead them right back to Don.

I keep running east as I come across a school named “Wilson.” I run up and break out a window, jumping inside. Seems I jumped right into the middle of a classroom. Though it's empty of kids right now, there's a teacher who looks right at me. “Get out of here lady, and get everyone out of the school!”

“What? What's going on?”

“One of those UFOs is over this school right now! Get everyone out of here!” She didn't argue as she ran from the room. I start to leave the room, stumbling a bit as I step over the glass from the shattered window. When I entered earlier, I knocked over a desk. On the floor now lay a knife that fell from that desk. This is a kids school... and this is a third grade class according to the sign above the chalk board. Why is there a knife in here?

I pick up the knife anyway and walk out of the room. An explosion goes off at the northeast part of the school. Debris flies back in my direction. I dodge just in time as a bathroom sink flies past. I got to get out of here. I make a dash to the southeast side of the school and glance out the window. Overhead, I could see a ship hovering and it's guns were aimed at the northwest. They know I'm in here.

There's a door on the south side of the school, they're on the north side. If I can get out that door, I might have a chance. I run for the door, pushing it open as I get to it. Quickly, I jump the fence surrounding the school and hide behind some houses.

Just then, the next bomb explodes in the school, destroying the building entirely. I hope those teachers were able to get out okay. I best get to Donatello and we get the heck out of here. I stay hidden for a moment behind the houses, watching the ship overhead as it looks for me. The sewers in this town are just too small for me to go down into them. I'm going to have to stick topside.

I go around the houses and see the street that is going to lead me back to 9 Mile. Woodward should be west from there. I head down the street, staying low and hiding every chance I get.

Another bomb goes off, more debris flies through the air. I look back once the debris stops flying to see a full block taken out by the blast. This town doesn't have much time left.

I run to 9 Mile, not bothering to look back anymore.

Donatello must have heard the noise, he was already packing things up again to leave. I toss the weapons in the back of the car. “Chet working yet?”

“No, I needed more time.” I get in the car just as he starts to pull away. We have to get out of Ferndale as soon as we can. I look back and see the ship following us.

“Aw crap, Don. They're following us.”

He steps harder onto the gas and we speed through the streets. The ship began taking out the full town right behind us. All those people...

A store, Food Land, suddenly explodes followed quickly by another school bursting a part as the bombs hit. We drove out of this town as quick as we could. “Donnie, we have to get out of here. West isn't going to be an option, we'd be heading right back towards Chicago.”

“You're right, we have to keep going east. But to go east, we're going to have to turn around and get around the water.”

“Don? We're heading back to where it all started? Back to New York?”

“It's our home, Raph. To go there, we'll be able to know the roads and how to get away.” I spot another of the Grays' ships appearing to the north of us. “We better go through Detroit. Hey, at least we'll be able to see the Falls on our way back to New York.”

“Ha ha, Don...”

We drive for hours, running from these ships. For some reason, though, I don't feel like they're trying to kill us. But they sure don't seem to have any problems killing the people around us. They are up to something else here.

When we get into New York state, we arrive with a total of five ships behind us. It's like we're being herded home. “Donnie, I think we're going into a trap. They know we're heading home.”

“Yeah, been noticing that. Guess we'll just have to go somewhere else. Let's head to Massachusetts. We can go to the farmhouse there.”

We keep driving. Though as soon as we reach the turn off for Massachusetts, a bomb hits the road in front of us, destroying the path to Massachusetts.

“I knew it! They want us to go back to New York City!”

We pull off the road, driving the car around the crater in the road. The ships start coming faster towards us, as if they're planning to cut us off.

“Enough is enough, Don! Pull off into what's left of that town. We're going to have to hold our fight here. There's no time for more running.”

Donatello looks to me, eyes wide, but nods as he turns the car and drives us straight into town.

I reach to the back of the car, grabbing some of the weapons we brought with us. “I'll lead them away, Don. You get out of the car and hide.” He gets out of the car, grabbing Chet. I slide over into the driver's seat and pull away.

I drive, steering them away from Don. When I come up to an old power station, a plan starts forming in my head. I steer the car straight for the power plant and park.

The ships are coming my way. I look around the area for something, anything, that I can use. A smirk goes over my face, seeing a gas line. That should work just perfect.

I grab a match from the matchbook left in the car and quickly throw the car into reverse. If I were a praying kind of turtle, I'd be praying to any and all gods out there. I look at the gas line for a very brief moment, then slide the car into drive and slam my foot down on the gas pedal.

The car strikes the gas line, splitting it open. The line starts to leak out natural gas. I swipe the match across the striker of the matchbook. Here goes nothing. I flick the lit match out the window towards the gas leak and quickly throw the car back into reverse and high tail it out of here.

The bombs start to go off all around me as I race the car away from the gas line. I look back and see a giant fireball headed my way. Hope this piece of junk car can out run that, though at least I can see some of the Grays' ships crashing down.

A shock wave rips through the car, knocking it and me into the air. Flipping and turning, crashing and rolling. Then nothing.

When I open my eyes, Don is kneeling over me, a tear in his eye. “donnie....” I hear it in my voice. “...did I stop them...?”

“Yeah, Raph, you did. All the ships were after the car. They got too close and were taken down by the explosion.” I feel my mouth force a small smile. I did it. All this pain I feel wasn't for nothing.

A blinding light erupts through the room, flooding my vision. I try to look at Don, though it's like he was starting to fade away.

“You're going to be okay, Raph. You're going to be okay.”

I try to focus on Don, but it's getting harder. And then, I see something I wasn't expecting to see ever again. Mikey and Splinter walk towards me, their hands open. I could hear Don sobbing a little.

A cold breeze went over my skin, wiping away the pain of my body. I could no longer see Don, or even hear him. Though, Mikey and Splinter were in full vision in the room with me. Without a word passing between us, I knew what was going on.

I close my eyes for the last time.


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