Kodak Moment #47

I got hundreds to thousands of photos through my life.  A lot of which would match up to stories here on Cowabunga Corner, but for one reason or another they are not chosen.  This does not mean that these photos are not worth sharing and do not hold stories of their own.  I would like to keep sharing what I can here on the site, so whenever I can I will share a photo and a story to go along with the photo.  If it’s a part of events that has been shared here, we will link back to the stories of the events themselves as well.  Hope everyone enjoys.  Today’s photo is the Sewer Loft with TMNT display.

The sewer loft was made in 2007 by Miki, Fuzzy Duc, Goku, Iruka, and myself.  It’s a small loft where we made sewer walls for.  The main artist and designer is Miki.  Duc and Miki worked on a lot of projects together, so they did team work on the bricks.  Goku, Iruka and I helped with painting.  We finished the sewer in 4 days, then it took 3 days of setting up the TMNT stuff through the sewer to have the display just right.  This is not the first set up for the sewer.  As the first time the table was all mainly done with designs for the 2007 movie, this set up has original comic art, other movie props and statues on the table showing more TMNT stuff is mixed into this set.

A corner of the sewer loft was used for the Cowabunga Corner set in Seasons two through five.  Though when we lost the family home, I lost having the sewer for the filming set.  I do miss it, as it was like a second bedroom off of my room for a few years.  As we had another bed on the loft, and it was a lot cooler to sleep there during hot summer days. 

Have you ever did a theme room in your house?  What was your theme?  Did you change the walls?  Please share memories, comments and questions below!


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