Kodak Moment #69

I got hundreds to thousands of photos through my life.  A lot of which would match up to stories here on Cowabunga Corner, but for one reason or another they are not chosen.  This does not mean that these photos are not worth sharing and do not hold stories of their own.  I would like to keep sharing what I can here on the site, so whenever I can I will share a photo and a story to go along with the photo.  If it’s a part of events that has been shared here, we will link back to the stories of the events themselves as well.  Hope everyone enjoys.  Today’s photo is from my old bedroom from 2010.


I love having my room setup with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on display and this is no exception to that.  When I originally bought this bed, the top bunk was suppose to be where I would sleep, though less than a year later I got injured at work and could not make my way up to the top bunk.  So instead of keeping the bottom bunk as a couch, as seen in Totally Obsessed it remained a bed most of the time.  I had a normal mattress to sleep on set on top of the futon mattress.  So the top bunk became a display for toys, unless I was having company over than we’d clear it off for people to sleep up there.

On the bed people can see the pillow cases made by my friend Mily for me, my 2004 Michelangelo pillow doll that helps me not roll onto my bad arm at night, the corner of some of my art books that was displayed for a news show that came by to interview me, a stack of folded TMNT shirts in front of the window since I could not use my closet for clothes and did not have a dresser.  A production team shirt hanging up, that is autographed and not worn.  On the walls framed press photos, including one with Kevin Eastman and I as I am wearing my Michaelangelo arms from TMNT 3 to show him.    And countless of TMNT toys and dolls on the top bunk.  Also a pair of chucks hanging from the bed, which I use to train with before I got hurt.

My collection still grows all the time and when I get my new room I’m sure it’ll be another TMNT that will be shared here at some point on Cowabunga Corner.  I really do miss this room as it was a part of my family home that we lost a few years ago.  Hope everyone enjoyed this peek into my past display.

Do you have your TMNT toys displayed?  Do you have TMNT sheets and pillow cases?  Share your thoughts, comments and questions below! 


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