Kodak Moment #77

I got hundreds to thousands of photos through my life.  A lot of which would match up to stories here on Cowabunga Corner, but for one reason or another they are not chosen.  This does not mean that these photos are not worth sharing and do not hold stories of their own.  I would like to keep sharing what I can here on the site, so whenever I can I will share a photo and a story to go along with the photo.  If it’s a part of events that has been shared here, we will link back to the stories of the events themselves as well.  Hope everyone enjoys.  Today’s photo is from Motor City Comic Con 2000.

This is Frank Fosco and I at Motor City Comic Con 2000.  Frank did the pencil work for the Image Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Comics.  I originally met Frank at a comic convention in July 1997, shortly after they started the Image TMNT series.  I really enjoyed each issue of the Image Comics as they came out, so it was an honor when he appeared at Motor City Comic Con as a surprise guest.

Motor City Comic Con is a three day convention.  We set up the booth on Thursday, ran the booth normal on Friday and then Saturday we came in to find a surprise sketch sitting on our table of Leonardo with a note saying “I’ll be back - Frank Fosco”.  We were in shocked to learn this as he was not on the guest list, though got a table in artist alley. 

That weekend I bought a lot of Original Comic Art.  So much in fact that I we made a payment plan.  Frank autographed each of the pages, and they remain a part of my collection to this day.  I have brought them to events to share with fellow TMNT fans, so people can see this artwork up close.  They really did a wonderful job on the Image Comics.  I will be sharing some of original art on my gemr account for anyone interested in seeing these pages.

I am wearing my Mikey costume in the picture, I spent most of the weekend suited up and running around the convention.  It was a great weekend, and I’m so happy that Frank was there to share some fun time to hang out with all of us. 

Have you ever met Frank Fosco?  What’s your favorite artwork by Frank?  Do you have a Turtle costume that you pose with the guest while wearing?  Please share thoughts, comments and questions below.



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