Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #45

In this episode we go back to August 23rd, 1992, PortsMouth, NH for the only Official Turtle Con, hosted by Mirage Studios and Great Eastern Conventions in Association with Pro Portsmouth, INC. At only $3 a ticket, lasting from 10am to 4pm there was a day full of events. We have some of those events on video.

I share this footage as it is my first time ever meeting Eastman and Laird, and back then I thought it would be my only time. I shared my stories with them of how I learned to read through Turtles, I got to wander around and meet others there. This video though is from my dad's point of view. As he's the one with the camera.

I have more stories and photos to share from Turtle Con 1992, as one of my favorite things from the convention is not even shown in this video. They had a stunt Michaelangelo costume from TMNT 3 set up for people to have their photos with. I spent a lot of time at that booth as I made friends with the person running the booth. Other things from this convention will be found in Ivey's Flashback, as Ivey's Flashback #3 is a part of this convention already. "Mark Bode's TMNT Cartoon Concert".

Ivey's Flashback #3 can be found here:

Did anyone watching this get the chance to go to Turtle Con 92? If so please do share your stories as well. It would be great to see other people's videos or photos from this event as I know there were a lot of other people there.

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Editing: Phoenix
Camera: 1992 Dave Ivey, 2011 Star
Music: "Land of Darkness" by Perrson
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