New York Comic Con 2014: TMNT Panel


New York City holds one of my favorite conventions, an event that brings friends, guests and entertainment all together in one of the best cities to visit.  And for us Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans they’ve been hosting a great panel for us all to enjoy.  Here is the 2014 NYC Comic Con TMNT Panel.

This was a good panel, with four voice actors and two producers on stage sharing information about Season 3, including one video clip which we have not seen yet in the series.  We cut all of the videos they shared, but left up all the fun talk from the actors including Rob Paulsen having conversations with himself. 

As always I enjoyed the panel, though I did enjoy the episode they showed for 2013 TMNT Panel a bit more.  While this was a great episode for the guest actress, Renae Jacobs.  It was not one with enough comedy, for a good crowd.  What I liked in 2013 was that the episode left my friends and I laughing as some great scenes got us talking about it the rest of the weekend.  Butt Canons.  I will always remember that one.  It’s not like I did not like the episode shown, I enjoyed it.  Loved that Michelangelo was the only one who could see through April’s mom.  I just think comedy episodes work better for large crowds.

My favorite clip shown during the panel was the mutation of Bebop and Rocksteady.  That had me on the edge of my seat, it’s so cool to finally see this scene in the series.  It was a great moment for us fans to see it at the convention first.  I am a big fan of Bebop and Rocksteady, always have been and looking forward to see so much more on these classic characters.

One of my biggest problems with this panel was not the panel itself.  It was the guy who did the warm up.  I did not include this video because I felt the guy did not spread love of the fandom but instead tried to pick on different areas of the Turtles.  He did not help my moral of being excited, he upset me for how little he knew and how much he thought he knew about fans.  All of which had me wishing the panel would start and he would stop.  I do not know any information on the guy I speak of, but most everyone who was with me agreed.  Picking on past incarnations of the Ninja Turtles, is not the way to get Ninja Turtle fans to respect you.  The panel should be open for all fans, not only the new.

The other problem I had with this panel is a minor one.  In panels at conventions we are only given so much time with the guests.  Usually an Hour is all we get, some panels will last a little longer.  So I go there for time with the guests to hear what they got to say, if I see video clips I want to see stuff we never seen before to make it worth our time.  Though they showed at least two clips from Season 2, which was already old news to us fans.  I would rather have gone over stuff that we saw at Comic Con like the Dream Beavers or Mondo Gecko.  Since most of the fans in that room did not go to the San Diego Comic Con Panel.  Instead we got to see old stuff, which really felt like time filler in an hour where I don’t think we needed fillers.  Just my personal opinion on the  footage shared.

The best thing for me in this panel was the chance to see the voice of Tiger Claw, one of the new characters in Nickelodeon’s TMNT series.  It’s always an honor to put a face to the voice.  I enjoyed getting to hear him talk about becoming Tiger Claw and how he was almost Shredder.  I recommend checking that out.  It’s times like this that make a panel so worth going too.

A big Thank You to both New York Comic Con and Nickelodeon for coming together and bringing us an hour of Turtle goodness that us fans could enjoy.  I hope to see everyone there at New York Comic Con 2015!  Also a big thanks to Cowabunga Corner crew members Metalhead and Leatherhead for hanging out with me for this event.  I wouldn’t have been there, had as much fun, and seen some of these great moments without you.

Did you go to New York Comic Con’s 2014 TMNT Panel?  If so what did you like?  Please feel free to share reviews, comments and questions.  

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