Ninja Turtle 2014 Movie Update Overview


Lights! Camera! Action!  Ninja Turtles is now filming in Jones Beach State Park located in Wantagh, NY.  On March 18th, 2012 Michael Bay stated that the Ninja Turtles “will be from an alien race”.  Since that day the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film has been in and out of the news, with fans protesting the aliens, “leaked” scripts getting into the hands of fans, and fears of the casting choice of Megan Fox.  Though even with all of the uproar that has raised through the media of Ninja Turtle fans begging for this movie to be stopped the new Ninja Turtle movie has finally made it to filming.  I’m going to take some time to go over what we know of the new Ninja Turtle film and share my thoughts.

In 2009 the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles held their anniversary of 25 Years, this included a cross country tour, events at NYC and San Diego Comic Cons, and an open audition for the new Ninja Turtle film.  With the Producers Scott Mednick and Galen Walker there to oversee the auditions right in Hollywood.  It was a hot day, lots of people showed up, some traveling across country with four judges watches.  July 18th, 2009 was a day to remember for any fan who showed up.  Including myself.  Though as far as I can tell, it was not remembered by the Producers as there has been no word on if any of those who tried out that day got the lucky shot of becoming a Foot Soldier for the film.  I know it was a publicity stunt, though it would be nice to hear that someone, anyone from that try out was brought in.  As a lot of really good people tried out for Judges.

Only a few short months later the Viacom buyout happened.  This is when Paramount Pictures got involved bringing Michael Bay and  Platinum Dunes into the picture.  Fans right away started to protest, as cries came out about what Michael Bay is known for with the Transformer films.  Personally I did see the Transformer Movie once, I did not hate it, but I did not love it either.  I loved the original cartoon in the 80’s, use to run home to watch it and even had many toys from the show.  But the movie was forgettable.  I barely remember it, and have not had any urge to see the film again.  Though I’ve never known a TMNT movie by the Producers before.  I stood back from the news of Michael Bay and waited.

This is when we sat and watched the movie go from writers to writers.  It seemed that the film was having issues getting just some good writers.  Starting with Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, both of which were later replaced by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec.  The biggest news we knew about the movie was that it was going to be a reboot, another origin film for the Ninja Turtles.

In February 2012 we got the big news that Jonathan Liebesman is being brought in to direct this movie.  So now we got a set of writers, our director and producers all in taking their parts to bring us a new Ninja Turtle movie.  For many fans the news of the movie was exciting, though for me this was still too early in the game to make a big deal out of it.  We’ve had other TMNT movies come and go, without ever seeing the screen.  Promised films.  So I’ve learned not to hold my breath for a Ninja Turtle movie.  I will just ride with the news as it come out, and place my excitement in the things that we’re getting.  The Nickelodeon TMNT Series and the IDW TMNT Comics, as well as the Playmate Toys.  These were the things I was looking forward too.

Riding the other news of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is what I was doing on March 18th, 2012 when I was in a car ride back to Michigan, from attending a World Record gathering of Ninja Turtle fans at Nickelodeon Universe in Mall of America, for the opening of the TMNT Shell Shock thrill ride.  I jumped online to see the story flying about Michael Bay’s speech where he said “They are from an alien race”.  I died in the car, as I knew that this one 15 second clip was going to over shadow the amazing event at Mall of America.  Fans jumped at this news, making a big deal out of the idea of the Ninja Turtles being aliens, as a lot of jokes came covering the subject as well.  The Alien talk became a huge thing to where the Turtles were making news shows, TMZ and more.  Turtle fans were coming out of nowhere to defend the Turtles from Michael Bay.  This news was a disappointment to me on a major level, not because I believed for one second that the Turtles would be aliens, but because the Turtle fans latched onto the news that angered them and totally ignored the awesome news that was in front of them.

Soon after this Alien news hit the world, the fact that the movie title is being shortened down to “Ninja Turtles” came out.  This caused an uproar as well, as people felt that this meant they were cutting the name “Mutant” from the title, so it can be Alien Turtles.  Fans also feared that this meant they were no longer Teenagers.  In 1997 the live action TV show came out, it was called Ninja Turtles : The Next Mutation.  The Turtles were still teenagers.  The title did not change that.  So I do not fear a title change.  For me it’s a way to help know the movies apart.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles goes to the first three live action movies of the 1990’s, TMNT goes to the 2007 movie and now Ninja Turtles is the 2014 film and the ones that connect to it.

This news remained the hot topic for a long time.  Over the summer a script came out, which the studios have not made public if it was real or not.  Michael Bay’s only statement about it, was that he never saw that script before.  Personally I feel that script is a false script, and someone really pulled a good one on a lot of Turtle fans.  If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.  But I have no interest in reading it, or even turning my head towards this script unless someone from the Studios confirm that it is real.  Not someone I don’t know, saying they got it from so and so, who got it from so and so.  I ignored the full script mess up this summer, though I did take interest when the studio did decide to take a break to work some stuff over with the script to where the movie was pushed from a December 2013 release to a May 2014 release.

From that news, official stuff went quiet about the movie.  Though fans never did.  Anyone who meets me and learns I’m a Ninja Turtle fan, ask me what I think about the “Michael Bay Ninja Turtle Movie?”  I tell people my theory, of how ‘from an alien race’ does not mean they ‘are’ an alien race.  Then I try to switch the topic to the cartoon, comics or toys.  As those are the topics I find of interest.  I tell everyone that I will be excited when real news starts to come out about the movie.  I also will not give my thoughts on the movie itself, till we see official news on what the movie is about.

Now the news is starting to roll out the door.  Starting with Megan Fox being cast as a leading lady in the film.  Next came the list of the four actors going in to play the four Turtles.  Shortly after that news came news that some of the movie will be filmed at “Big Tupper Ski Area in Tupper Lake”  These have all been big news reports coming around for the fans.  Getting people to start talking about the movie again.  Though the big shock is now that we’re getting news on who is who, and filming location the movie was pushed back more time to June 6th, 2014.

For me the June release disappoints me.  I loved the idea of the Turtles being released on May 16th, if anything for it being the 30th anniversary month.  I wish it was closer to May 5th if anything.  Now it’s pushed into June.  And for me, that was a tiny bit of a let down.

The last week two more bits of Movie news has come out.  One is that Will Arnett is joining the cast.  His role is not announced yet.  And the other is that filming is starting now!  That’s right, in Wantagh, NY the Ninja Turtle movie is starting to film at Jones Beach State Park.  This is it, the movie is finally going into real action, the cameras are out, the director and cast are together, the script is in motion.  All the pieces coming together.

For those in Wantagh, NY there is a bit of news.  The movie is filming under “Foursquare” as reported on  So if you see signs saying “4SQ” you could be near an area where there will be a set for the new Ninja Turtle film.  This is exciting, and if I was in the area I might look around.  This is the first time in Ninja Turtle history to see so much news this early before a movie’s release.  Reaching so many fans.  It’s amazing what is out there for us to see.  And while we see this insane amount of information we are not even seeing a peek of what is really in store for us.  This is too early to judge what they are really up to with this Ninja Turtle film.  So enjoy the ride and see what Jonathan Liebesman and his crew bring to the screen for us.

While the excitement builds up on the new movie, I will keep an eye on the news and sit back with a comic in one hand, and the cartoon on my TV screen.  I will not get angry at choices made by the movie makers, until I see the film and feel if it is as bad as the Last Airbender Film.  For me, “Last Airbender” was the worse movie made in the last 10 years, along side with the “Dragon Ball Evolution” Movie.  That may get me a bit upset with the film, if they go that far.  Though I see Kevin Eastman being hands on, a director that came up with an enjoyable movie last year called “Wrath of the Titans”, and some interesting choices for actors.  I hope to see something that is fun, has the turtles in character, ninja action we can enjoy, and an origin that is both fresh and true to the heart of the characters.

My message for anyone working on this film.  Have fun, make memories, and remember that you’re living the dreams of thousands of Ninja Turtle fans who only wish they could be in your shoes.  Bring us a movie from the heart.  And remember that you can never please everyone, so ignore the angry words from people who have not seen your work yet.  Know there are those of us who are waiting to see what is in store before we decide on our feelings of your movie.

To the fans who are scared and angry.  We have not seen any real proof that the leaked script is what they’re doing.  That any leaked images are real.  Do not judged on ‘leaked’ information.  Do not fear one movie, as that is not what makes the full franchise.  Enjoy what we have around us now.  Open your eyes to the cool things that Nickelodeon has done for all the fans.  And when the movie comes out, go in with an open mind.  If you don’t like it once you leave the theater than you can be angry.  Though the art of movie making is, you never know what is truly in store until you see it with your own eyes.

All of the news is adding up for the Ninja Turtle movie.  What are your thoughts?  Are you going in upset and judging?  Are you holding off from anger till you see it?  Do you believe all the leaked stuff is real?  Share your thoughts, comments and questions down below!

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hey just a shout out to Michael bay PLEASE don't ruin this movie :-/

I hope things go well with this movie & that they stay true to the proper spirit of TMNT.

It's hard to be optimistic about this film now. Like you I love the new cartoon and I think the new IDW series is phenomenal. That being said I tried to give this film the benefit of the doubt but with every bit of news that has leaked about this film has been one disappointment after the next. First was Bay's involvement and then his announcement that they were Aliens. then we had the leaked script which is probably not what they are working with now but it's unsettling because at one time that script was a possibility. And most recently Megan Fox as April which I fell there are a hundred better choices for that role than her. The only reason she was chosen was for her looks period. Even With all these poor choices throughout the making of I still want to wait for a trailer but if said trailer does not blow me away I will most likely not see it.

Ahah, I don't know if it's denial or genuine patience :D
Anyway, as Tom.D said, it's hard to be optimistic. You seem to think that one can't guess what a movie will look like until it's finished. I don't think so, but for this particular one, I have to admit there is a slight chance that it might be good. But ... will see.

Just a reminder, the leaked script was legit.

And as for the involvement of Eastman, bear in mind that Akira Toriyama was involve as well on Dragon Shit Evolution.
As long as April is not a student journalist going in NYC with her boyfriend, Casey Jones, to do an internship in a big news company, that should be alright .. (but I sense something wrong)

And to end this post, a picture that definitely confirms that Megan Fox is the new April.

We don't even know what April will be. Reporter? Scientist? Computer hacker? High school girl? Antique shop owner?