Review: Toy Fair 2014 Day 1

Once a year in the United States people gather from around the world to talk about toys. Action figures, yo yo, coloring books, and so much more. This event is full of business people who either make or sell toys. They call this awesome week "Toy Fair". There are few outside of the business who can attend this joyless week, including media outlets. This is the second year that Cowabunga Corner has been able to take part. Here is my over all review of Toy Fair 2014.

Miki and I arrived a bit late this first day as we had to check our bags at the hotel.  Upon getting to Toy Fair, we started out by finding the "Wicked Cool Toys" booth for their opening event. This is one of the companies that has been bringing us cool new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles products. Their booth did not let us down with new items based on TMNT in more than one section of the booth.

My biggest surprise was when I asked to talk to someone about the Wicked Cool Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line of toys. The lady said that "Michael would be the best person to talk too, he use to work for Playmates Toys." I was in shock as I knew right away who she spoke of. I made friends with Michael when he was still working at Playmates Toys. It was good to see my friend there, it did not take long for us to decide to do an interview about their products. The first of nine TMNT related interviews coming soon to Cowabunga Corner.

Once done at Wicked Cool Toys I went over to Mezco to say hello. Mezco is a toy company that handles a lot of cool properties from Living Dead Dolls, Breaking Bad, Thunder Cats to Chuck. We often post their press releases here. Miki and I got our invite for the Mezco press party, then headed over to the Funko booth.  Where we found more TMNT new products.

Funko has at least four new product types that will include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I was impressed to see how much TMNT was around their booth. We set up for another interview. Though the booth design did mess with our cameras, we do plan to get this interview up for everyone to enjoy. Interview story will include product photos and write up.

As Miki was getting photos for the Funko interview, I noticed Diamond had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles banner at their booth. I went over there and set up an appointment to get in and see their booth.  At this point I decided to put the video camera away for a bit. We went to the break room and rested.

In the break room we talked with a man who runs some magazines his interest is toys based on movies. While talking with him another press person joined in the talks, he use to work for Heavy Metal magazine years ago. So interesting to talk to both of them. After the break Miki and I headed upstairs to find the Playmates booth.

Before going to Playmates I had three other booths to visit. First was LEGO. I got my name in, to try and visit this booth. High hopes to see the new Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LEGO. Next I went to Sakar International. This was one of my favorite booths for 2013. Kelly remembered me, so we took sometime talking as she introduced me to the new products for 2014. It did not have as cool as a set up as the booth last year had for TMNT.

The third booth we visited was Little Kids. Last year Little Kids treated us wonderful and supplied a little of everything for reviews. The great people remembered me, as we stood there talking, they shared all the new products for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with us. Their booth design and friendly staff making them once again one of my favorite booths at Toy Fair 2014.

Once we left the Little Kids booth, we got to the Playmates Toys booth. The line was not to bad and a friend from last year joined us, helping the time pass a little faster.  Playmates worker came out asking us an important favor.

They ask that no one takes pictures of the TMNT 2014 movie toy line. These are not finish products and they do not have permission to release these images yet. The leaked images from the London Toy Fair almost made it so they would not be allowed to show us here. If images are to leak here, there's a high chance of them not being allowed to share unapproved product in the future.  Which will ruin it for everyone. 

We will be sharing our video and photos along with a full booth review from Playmates Toys soon.  Though to keep our word, there was no photos taken of the 2014 TMNT movie toys by Cowabunga Corner.  They said we can now talk about what we saw, so there will be some talk of the movie line in that review.  Keep an eye on Cowabunga Corner for those updates and much more.

This was the end of our night, as we got to our hotel for some much needed rest.

Coming soon to Cowabunga Corner : Review Toy Fair 2014 Day 2, with Mattel, Grumpy Kitty, Bandi, Crayola and more!

* Please note that the Booth review topics will have more photos of set up and products.  Lots more to come! *

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