Review: Toy Fair Day 2

Toy Fair 2014 was a big event that offered a lot of cool stuff.  The second day kept us just as busy going around as the first day.  It started off very early as Mattel was doing a Press panel that went over their new lines of toys for 2014.  We also had a handful of other interesting things going on, that got Miki and I to pack up and walk over there early.  Check in was easy and we got a press kit, before heading into the panel.

This is the video for the Mattel Panel, as we got to sit through a lot of different talks from Barbie to Hot Wheels.  They covered a lot of cool stuff, and showed how the interest in toys remain there.  This is something that I fully agree with, as I see people still buying toys.  In fact the only thing that I see hurting the toy world is the prices of toys.  Not the fact that there are new types of toys.  This peaked our interest in the Mattel booth, so we decided to go up and schedule a walk through. 

Once the panel was over we talked with a friend we made in the press room on Sunday at Toy Fair.  Brad, was heading up to see Grumpy Cat.  This famous cat seen on lots of products at Hot Topic and over the internet had an appearance at Toy Fair for photos next to dolls made of her by Gund.  This was our next stop after Mattel panel, we headed up to the second floor and found the line.  The booth across from us had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes inside of it.  My curiosity knew I was going to stop in there right after we got our pictures with Grumpy Cat.

We got in to see Grumpy Cat, she was sleeping on a cat bed.  We were able to go in and walk up behind her for our photos.  After getting our photos, we looked around the Grun booth to see all the other dolls they had made.  They had a lot of cool animal dolls and dolls from Sesame Street. 

Once we left the booth, I went to the next booth over and asked about the Turtle costumes.  They allowed us to take pictures of most of the costume sets.  These are not for Halloween, but for Role Play.  They are different from the Playmates sets, and the new set that we could not take photos of had some features I really liked.

Once leaving there, Miki and I went to try and set up an appointment with Mattel.  Though on our walk we were stopped by a lady with a clipboard and paper.  She had different companies she was promoting.  One of which is Imperial Toys which has made some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles products before.  To my surprise one of other companies on her list had some new TMNT products on display here at the show.  I agreed to take the time out to go see as we were introduced to talking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pillow.

After filming a short interview about these new products, we headed over to Mattel and got our walk through set up for Tuesday morning.  Then we went down to the floor and started to walk up and down looking for anything and everything new with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Finding Pillow Pets that look amazing!  TMNT board games.  And a bunch of other really cool products.  Some of these were no photos/camera sections.  So we were not able to get interviews.  Just knowing that these new products are going to hit the stands is exciting.  We talked till we saw the LEGO booth.  At this point I tried to see about setting up a meeting there, they were not letting any more press in.

We learned this year that less press was let into LEGO.  Some that were approved originally got their letters no less than 24 hours before their appointment saying they could not go in.  We have no clue which of the products within the booth had made LEGO such a big secret.  Though we are sorry that we could not get any coverage, as LEGO was my favorite toys from 2013 with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

While at the LEGO booth, we bumped into our press friend, Brad again.  Brad was heading over to Bandi and invited us to go with him.  We had a little bit of time before our meeting with Crayola, so we agreed and went over to Bandi.  The Power Rangers were posing for photos outside the booth.  We were lucky that Brad had a friend here, as he got us a chance to go in and look around.

In the Bandi booth we saw things from Tamagochi to Wizard of Oz, following that with Ben 10 and Batman.  And let’s not forget the huge room of Power Rangers.  The Power Rangers being their main toys, with so many new features.  There’s these toys coming out that are keys that you put into another toy for different reactions.  Well the keys are Power Rangers from all the current and past Power Ranger shows.  Meaning fans of the older series, can pick up a small toy of their favorite Power Ranger in 2014.  It was an interesting set up, and they were very friendly to show this all to us.

Bandi did have two rooms that were not for public eye.  Movies coming out, only retailers could see what were in there.  Much like Playmates had for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie line.  I heard that one of those rooms may be Godzilla.  Though I never got to see in those rooms, so I can not confirm this rumor. 

Once we left the Bandi booth Miki and I head to get over to Crayola.  Seems I had us marked down an house early.  Though the people running the booth were really friendly about this and got us in to see what’s going on with Crayola.  This will be a story all it’s own as we have a lot of different video of cool things coming out.

After Crayola we headed down stairs and stopped in over at Underground Toys to find their new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle products.  This small display of neat TMNT items was hidden in the crowd of Star Wars and Dr. Who merchandise for 2014.   This was a great booth with a lot of very cool toys.  I personally loved what they had for the Nickelodeon TMNT, these small dolls that were talking using lines straight from the cartoon.  No replacement voices here.  We went from Underground Toys over to NECA and found some cool Batman products and traveled down to Kidrobot to find a whole new line of Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys.

Each of these booths had awesome products that makes me more excited for 2014.  With toys that fans of the old and new can enjoy coming out.  This was only day two of our time at Toy Fair.  We still have plenty to share including photos and interviews, so keep up with us here at Cowabunga Corner for our next story coming soon. 

What was your favorite product that we talked about in this story?  Please share your thoughts, comments and questions below.

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