Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Face Masks

The world has gone through a lot of changes for 2020.  One of those changes is people wearing masks everywhere.  A Virus has taken the world by storm, and if people want to believe it or not, it’s hit us hard.  So many people I have personally known have been lost to this virus and I for one take it seriously.  Though wearing the masks have been a challenge for me, as I love having my clothes carry a theme.  I was wearing a green one, but I wanted one made for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  And to my excitement, they have been appearing all over the internet.  So I finally got my hands on some awesome Ninja Turtle Face Masks.  Which we will be giving two away!

The masks are made by Mask Market, where they will put your own design on the mask.  They come with a PM2.5 5-Layer Filter Protection.  They’re machine washable, 2-way stretch, breathable and made in the USA.  One thing I really like about Mask Market is they have it set up for every mask sold, they donate a mask.  They have a list of organizations they contribute to on their website.   I am all for donations of masks going to places that need them.

Once you receive one of these masks, they come in a plastic bag with a few note sheets, a twist tie, and two toggles.  It also has one filter.  Place the filter in the open end of the mask.  Then use the twist tie to put the two toggles on the loops so you can adjust the mask to fit better on your face.  One of the notes shows how to apply the toggles, and the other side gives information about Mask Market.  The other note gives information about the filter on one side and the other side has an ad about their masks with more details.

Now TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.com is a known website for TMNT fans where you can find all sorts of articles on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  They have done some awesome TMNT designs with Mask Market and got them up in their online store.  If you get one of these pre designed Masks you save around $10 in the price of designing your own mask.  Some cool TMNT gear at a price that is affordable.  Check out their online store to see if these masks fit your style.

The masks are made nicely.  For a short time wearing them it works good, as it fits over my mouth and nose.  Though if I talk too much in the mask, it does start to slide down under my nose.  For people who wear glasses I do have to say it’s nice that this mask does not fog up my glasses too badly.  Making it easier to run into stores without worrying about my vision.

Until COVID-19 is under control, I will wear masks wherever I go.  I do not feel safe out there.  And I know not even a mask can truly protect you from the virus.  This is just trying to do what I can to protect my family and I.  While my mask does not have to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it feels nice to have it matching what I wear and love sharing.  In my short amount of time I’ve had a few reactions to my Ninja Turtle mask.  My favorite one took place at Cosco.  “I love your shirt!  Oh and your hat!  And wow your mask too!”  The worker had to get the attention of a co-worker to show that my mask was also Ninja Turtles. 

Right now I have only one mask that is Ninja Turtles, being rotated with a few green ones and a sea Turtle mask.  I am working to add more Ninja Turtle masks to the rotation.  It’s very important to wash your masks, which means you can’t have a favorite one to wear all the time.  So I personally recommend having more than one mask.

Thanks to TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.com we are going to be giving away a few masks online!  Facebook will have a Raphael mask and on Instagram we will be giving away a Leonardo mask.  Both of these masks are made by Mask Market.  They each are sealed inside their own bag and ready to go to Turtle Fans soon!


Instagram - On June 7th, 2020  @CowabungaCorner will post a photo of the Leonardo mask announcing that is the contest Post. 

- To enter you must Follow @CowabungaCorner, like the post and comment tagging at least one friend.

- One entry per an account

- June 10th, 2020 an Instagram Live Video will reveal the winner.

FaceBook - On June 7th, 2020  https://www.facebook.com/CowabungaCorner/  There will be a post of the Raphael mask announcing that is the contest post.

- To enter you must like the Contest post, Share the post and comment tagging one friend on the post.            

- One entry per an account

- June 10th, 2020 a Facebook Live Video will reveal the winner. 

Both masks contests will run at the same time from June 7th, 2020 to June 10th, 2020!  I wish everyone the best of luck at winning one of these masks.  We will be contacting the winners for addresses after the contest is over so we can mail the mask to the winner. 

Have you got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mask?  Is your Mask from Mask Market or TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.com?  Let us know about your masks in the comment area below. 

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