TMNT Box #1


There a lot of Turtle fans out there that don’t have the time or money to just go out and collect everything that hit the shelves.  This does not mean that those fans do not want to get hands on cool TMNT stuff, it just says that some things slip away before they can jump into the action.  If you’re a fan who wants TMNT stuff, if you like surprises, and if you want to save money this is something for you.  This is the TMNT Box.

A monthly box that comes in the mail with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles products for around $20 a month.  The big question that fans have is, does the products that come inside the box really make up for the $20 price tag.  The answer is yes!  This box comes with about $40 worth of TMNT items from t-shirts, hats, toys, and more.  Basically a fun box filled with very cool products everyone can enjoy.

One of the great things that TMNT Box has done with it’s set up, is that it gives people the choice to choose between their favorite versions of Turtles with classic, current and a choice to mix.  They also get your shirt size as you sign up, to make sure that any shirt in the package will fit it’s new owner.  And what makes this even better is that you can get it monthly by paying for up to a year of TMNT Box.  If you do, pay for a full year at $191 you’re only paying around $15 per a box, plus shipping and handling, making the value of these boxes even better for the fans.

I got my box which is shown in the video.  The only complaint I could even think of picking on is that the shipping label misspelled my name.  From the Box design to the products found inside the TMNT Box, this was a blast to go through.  I do have my favorite items, some of which I will be bringing to Comic Con International 2015 with me.  This Box just came at the right time for me, to have something new to wear to a cool event.  And I’ll be proud to tell fellow TMNT fans where I got my stuff.  There was nothing in the box that I did not want or was disappointed with. 

I hope to share more of these cool TMNT Box with fellow TMNT fans.  As the most fun is the opening and seeing what cool products are out there.  Even in this video I got items I never saw and did not previously own.  I highly recommend the TMNT Box to anyone who wants to have their own TMNT collection.

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Have you signed up for the TMNT Box?  If so, what items do you hope to get in your box?  Have you received your Box already?  Did you get one Box at $20/month or did you order more to save some money?   All reviews, comments and questions are welcome below!

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