Toy Fair 2015: Monday Walkthrough


Toy Fair 2015 remains our focus here.  With so many different companies displaying their products, there’s no way to be able to share the entire Toy Fair event for everyone.  We can only share the booths that allowed us a few moments of their time.  This is our third story running through showing some of the great booths that we visit, the Monday walkthrough of Toy Fair 2015.

This day was so full of great stuff, that I don’t know if I can express how much fun we had getting to meet so many wonderful people.  Each booth we went to this day, we spent a lot of time talking with the press relations people.  We also took some time during the day to visit the other booths that we already had seen, like Wicked Cool Toys.   We made sure to get a lot of pictures, and get information on as much merch as we could.

Our first booth of the day was Entertainment Earth, Marc showed us around the booth.  I liked talking with Marc, as he picked up on the medias that we were interested in. With great products from things like Twlight Zone, Big Bang Theory, to Adventure Time it was interesting to see how many areas of entertainment they covered.  The part of their company they were promoting was Bif Bang Pow!  Which is what makes all of their in house products.  My personal favorite line they had was Venture Brothers, which was cool because Marc is a fellow Venture Brothers fan.

Our next booth was a bit of a mistake, we found it just by walking around the corner from Entertainment Earth, this was The Good Smile Company.  Enna was so awesome to talk too, very informative about the product to where I did take the time to do a short interview with her.  As they had these awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles statues.  Enna had some really amazing stories to tell us about herself, and some connections she had to the Turtle’s history.  Making this one of our favorite stops during Toy Fair weekend.  I hope that these Statues go over well with the fandom, so that we can see more TMNT products from the Good Smile Company. 

We went over to Jakks Pacifics, as they did release one of my favorite TMNT items from 2014.  That being the giant Michelangelo action figure based on the Nickelodeon series.  I knew they would most likely have more Turtles and even more awesome products to check out.  We got to talk with Laura, who was the press relations friend we met at Toy Fair 2014.  She showed us around and we had a blast checking out some interesting new toys for 2015.

The next booth was Bandia, I had a program telling me the time was 4pm… I should’ve clicked on the ticket not just look at the main screen of the program.  As I learned that I missed the real appointment that was at 11am.  Sarah was great, and decided to give us a tour any how.  This tour was totally a thrill, it started off with the new Power Rangers.  Next was Big Hero Six, followed up by some really cool disney products where they transform from eggs to a ton of awesome anime toys that I wish I had!  Sarah surprised me when she mentioned she used to work for Playmates Toys, back when the 2003 series was going.  Which made it even more awesome that she was the one to show me the new TMNT products coming out from Bandai!  Had so much fun at this booth, as some of the others got to talk to us there as well.  So glad we went.

Our last booth for the day was Little Kids, and while I’d like to give a name to Thank for everything there.  I really can’t.  Much like Playmates Toys, Little Kid has different people all around the booth to show the different sections of what new and exciting products are coming out.  And while there are a few new TMNT products coming out for 2015, I have to admit that my excitement laid more with the Moji toys that they’re introducing.  These are their own characters, and they’re really cool.  Once again Little Kids won us over, as a very friendly, fun and motivating booth to stop by. 

The video shows each of these booths, while I wish we could say we show all of the products mentioned here we could not do that.  Either because no time in the walkthrough and they have a full review coming up soon, or because photos were not allowed.  We hope to be able to share so much more from Toy Fair with everyone soon. 

A big Thank You for everyone at Toy Fair that Monday.  It was great getting to see so many friends, new faces and upcoming designs for the 2015 Toy lines. 

Hope everyone enjoyed this video!  Please feel free to share Comments and Questions below!

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