Toy Fair 2015: Saturday Walkthrough


Everyday at Toy Fair this year Miki and I had booths to go too and things to do.  From finding new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles items to finding new companies to cover for interesting projects that they’re bringing to the table.  And while looking for the new, we will never forget those who believed in us from the start.  The whole point of Toy Fair is to share everything that we’re allowed too, with all of our friends here on Cowabunga Corner.  Best way to do this is starting off with fast walkthroughs for each day.  This is our Saturday walkthrough of Toy Fair 2015, what we did for Valentines Day!

This video is all pictures, that were taken by Miki Ivey at Toy Fair.  All but two photos were taken on Saturday, the only two photos that were not is the two photos showing Toy Fair, that is not inside a booth.  These were taken on Tuesday.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday we were too busy to stop and take photos of the rest of Toy Fair, trying to focus only on the booths that had our attention.

I’ll like to share some side notes about each of the booths as we had wonderful people all around Toy Fair.  Starting off with Colorforms, I can not be more Thankful for the warm reaction we got there where they took the time to not just do an interview, but move TMNT stuff so that it’ll all be around us during the interview.  Everyone there was great, and I was truly touched that I got to talk to the current owners of a company that I grew up adoring.

Imperial Toys is one of those companies that has my attention each year.  I was so happy to see new TMNT items at the booth this year.  And even more happy with the full tour we got of the booth showing us all of the neat products that they had to offer.  My favorite product does not even go towards TMNT, it was the R2 that Irina demoed for us.  Irina was so nice to us, and very helpful when ever I had a question.

Alex was an interesting booth that caught me by surprise.  When Allison first thought that we were only there for TMNT, she showed us that booth.  I had to express that we cover so much more on the site, after that she opened up and showed us so much of this huge booth.  I am thankful for the time she took with us, and how much of Alex’s original products that she showed to us.  They are doing wonders with their own product, as well as many beloved properties.

Cris at Safari Ltd was totally awesome.  We spent a lot of time talking with her, as she shared the details of the new items coming out.  Making sure to show us which ones are the most talked about, and telling us the inspirations of the other pieces coming out.  We truly enjoyed this booth, and loved getting to hear about each of these pieces as there was three main stands that had new items on them.  That night we got an email from Cris, thanking us for coming by and she even remembered which one was my favorite piece.

And what can I say about Playmates Toys, I feel each of this crew has become friends more and more each year.  As we get to talk, and they show us around.  I can’t choose one crew member to thank here as they work as a team, as you go around the booth each crew member has their spot and toys to share with you.  They have a great way to run this booth, so all the details of each toy is shared.  Having the crew from Playmates Toys, on hand to talk about products they brought to the market.  I do love the layout, product and thought that goes into the Playmates Toys booth every year, and I’m thankful for getting to go and see it.

I hope everyone enjoys our photos in this short video.  Some of the booths like Playmates Toys, have a lot more images and videos to be shared so they will get a full review video where I’ll go into more details about favorite toys and show more of the new lines.  While other booths may not have a detailed booth review, we will be doing product reviews and sharing more about the companies that way. 

What is your favorite product in this walkthrough?  Is it TMNT?  Will you be buying it?  Please share comments and questions below!

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