Toy Fair 2015: Sunday Walkthrough


Some events knows how to keep you on your feet, for Miki and I Toy Fair is one of those events.  On Sunday February 15, we found running from one side of town to another to try and cover everything that we wanted to see at Toy Fair that day.  Including one event that was a bit of a hike to get too.  Here is the Cowabunga Corner walkthrough for Sunday at Toy Fair 2015.

This was what I would say was our hardest day, not because of the amount of booths we had to go too, but because of the winter weather that came through New York City.  It was freezing cold, a very bitter cold that hurt anyone who faced it.  We had more outside time, than we really wanted to at this event.  That alone made this day, a rough one.  Though what we saw, where we went and who we met made it all worth the fighting the weather.

Wild Republic was our first booth of the day, and I’ll like to give a shout out to the crew there.  They had a breakfast for those of us who came, we got to hang out and talk to press, buyers and workers at the booth before getting the tour.  And when I found out what the product they were promoting was, I found myself amused.  I can’t wait to give a review showing this new doll.

We ran over to Sakar before going to our next meeting.  I want to give a big shout out to Kelly at Sakar, she’s been the person I’ve talked to for three years now at that booth.  Showing us around to the new products, letting us know what her favorite product is and making sure we have press kits to cover what we need too.  She’s always very helpful and a pleasure to talk too.

Going to Universal was the hardest part of the day.  It was a 2 mile round trip in just walking…we also had to take the train.  I am a big fan of the Minions though and found myself really excited to get invited to the brunch they were holding.  Everything else there was just a bonus on top of that.  We got to see a lot of new products from different companies and even got a few to take home.  I will do some reviews on what we have received.  Everyone there was very kind and willing to answer questions about the products. 

Going to Wicked Cool Toys as soon as we were back to the convention center only seemed right.  Wicked Cool Toys was a new company last year, that we made friends with quickly.  So many of the people there are nice to us.  I want to give a big thanks to Kelly for showing us around the booth, another thanks to Janis for all the help she gave us.  And a huge thanks to Michael for taking a few minutes through the weekend to say hi to us.  And a shout out to Jeremy for talking to us.  I can go on, as this booth has some very nice people with a lot of awesome products!

The last big shout out I want to give is to Jay from “Never have I ever”!  I got the email inviting me to the booth for a free game, I thought I’d just get a normal walk through at the booth and then the product, but he surprised me.  To get the game, we were required to play the game.  I enjoyed this very much, as it gave us a chance to sit down and just talk a little.  Get to see the product first hand and find out that we do enjoy playing the game.  Miki and I found it very fun and already got a few friends in mind that we want to play the game with.  Thanks Jay for not just showing us the game, but giving us a lot of laughs. 

We cover more booths in the video, with pictures of products.  Though a lot of the booths, we did not get to talk to people as we were running to and from meetings.  Check out the videos and let us know what you’re looking forward too!  This is only day two of a four day event, so there’s more to come in our next video!

Please share all comments and questions below!

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