Toy Fair 2015: Tuesday Walkthrough


Toy Fair kept us busy for four days.  Visiting booths, seeing new toys and talking to interesting people.  This event inspires me every year to add more to Cowabunga Corner, wanting to share more passion towards the world of entertainment.  The best way to really share Toy Fair, is by doing these walkthroughs so people can get an idea of some of the stories that are coming up.  This is our walkthrough for the last day of Toy Fair, Tuesday February 17th, 2015.

We started Tuesday out by going to Diamond Select.  Diamond Select, is a fun company that makes some awesome products.  Last year they shared with us the new TMNT banks, pizza cutter and the new minimates.  This year they bring even more TMNT minimates that has me very excited.  We got to talk with Zach, which is the same person we spoke with last year.  So much at the booth to look at, as I found myself drawn to the details in their toys.  I’m very excited about the new Ghostbuster line.  We will be sharing a LOT more from Diamond Select soon.  Thank Zach for taking the time to show us the new stuff!

The next booth was one I learned about on Sunday, from one of our friends at the MEZCO party.  This booth had some fun Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles glasses.  So I seeked out the booth and picked up a few freebies.  We didn’t get much in terms of a story, but got a few pictures and will do a review of these glasses.  I did find the different glasses fun and interesting.

Next was a booth that just caught our attention, they were across the hall from the glasses.  Little puppies, that when you look at them you see they’re breathing.  We added the only video we have of these puppies to this walkthrough.  I love this product and think it would be a lot of fun to have.  I could see this as something I’d pick up.  These were called Perfect Petzzz.

We spent most of the day going around to say goodbye to friends, old and new.  Little Kids, Wicked Cool Toys, NECA, Playmates Toys, Alex Brands, and more.  As things were getting close to closing I walked past a booth that had TMNT on their wall.  I found the entrance and asked to see their product.  Once inside we got to see the new Blueprint Paper craft Ninja Turtle sets.  These look like a lot of fun.

After that we did our last walked through seeing different things and getting photos.  Some of my favorite products were not even at any of the booths we got to cover.  Like one is one of those awesome sun visors that goes in windows while cars are parked.  New TMNT dolls and small bags.  And of course there was games and coloring books.  Toy Fair is too big for the two of us to cover everything we saw, working on ideas to better cover Toy Fair for next year.

One of the things I loved about the different toys that I saw for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this year is how much of it encourages creativity.  From the different art fun play sets at Alex Brands, the idea of doing animated scenes with colorforms, building the blueprint sets all the way to the new mix and match mutations toys at Playmates where kids could change the toys to have different arms, legs, heads, and bodies.  Being from a family where we encourage art and creative products, this years Toy Fair really made me excited about the new stuff that is coming to stores for kids.   I hope to share some of these innovative toys with everyone soon through reviews.

I hope everyone enjoyed the walkthroughs.  There’s much more to share from this event.  From here on out it’s booth coverage and toy reviews!  If anyone has any questions about booths we’ve shared in this video please do feel to ask.  All questions and comments are welcomed below!

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